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Best Places to Elope in Hawaii

Bride and groom dance in a field during their elopement in Hawaii

There is nothing quite as exciting as deciding to elope in Hawaii! Seriously, these islands are magical and no two islands are the same. On the blog I’m sharing my top three places to elope on my three favorite islands – Oahu, Kaua’i, and Maui. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

Best Places to Elope in Oahu

If you want to elope in Hawaii while still having plenty of access to shops and restaurants, then Oahu is the best island to visit. With beautiful beaches, bustling shopping districts, and delicious restaurants, this island is the all-around best place to go for your Hawaii elopement.

Lanikai Beach

Bride and groom kiss on a white sand beach during their elopement in Oahu
Bride wears a red and orange floral crown during her beach elopement in Oahu
Bride and groom elopement photos on a white sand beach in Oahu

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Lanikai Beach might just be the most beautiful beach in Oahu (and maybe even all of Hawaii). Filled with soft white sand. off-shore islands, incredible views, and great vibes, this beach is easily one of my favorite places to elope in Hawaii. Even though the area is well-known, the beach is located in a small neighborhood giving it a local feel that is just perfect for your Hawaii elopement.

How to Get There: 30-45 minute drive from Honolulu

Kualoa Regional Park

Bride and groom dance in a field at their Hawaii elopement at Kualoa Regional Park

With both a beautiful beach and an open lawn with mountains in the background, what’s not to love about Kualoa Regional Park? Fun fact – this location has been featured in movies such as Jurassic World, Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, and more. Eloping at Kualoa Regional Park means you’ll enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in one of the most beautiful (and iconic) places on Oahu. 

How to Get There: 45 minute drive from Honolulu

Ka’ala Vista Venue

Ka’ala Vista is a stunning Hawaii wedding venue that offers incredible views of the valley and the surrounding mountains. Located on the island’s North Shore, Ka’ala Vista is the perfect place for eloping couples, or couples planning a wedding with up to 100 guests. The venue offers beautiful decks and viewing areas around the grounds as well as customizable setups and multiple packages to fit your needs. 

How to Get There: 40 minute drive from Honolulu

Best Places to Elope in Kaua’i 

Choosing to elope in Kaua’i guarantees you beautiful views no matter what location you choose. Kauai (nicknamed the Garden Isle) is one of Hawaii’s most scenic islands. It is filled with wide canyons, rugged cliffs, and beautiful beaches which will leave you in awe of the beauty that can only be found on these magical islands. 

Tunnels Beach

Bride walks along a white sand beach during her elopement in Kaua'i
Bride stands in the ocean in her wedding dress while she elopes in Hawaii

Located on the North Shore of Kauai, Tunnels Beach is a remote beach surrounded by lush green mountains. One thing to keep in mind when choosing to elope at Tunnels Beach is that street parking can be quite limited, so I recommend keeping guests at this location to a minimum.

How to Get There: 1 hour drive from Lihue

Shipwrecks Beach

Bride and groom elopement photos on a beach in Hawaii
Bride and groom look out over the ocean during their Hawaii elopement

If you want rocky cliff vibes for your Hawaii elopement, then I can’t recommend Kaua’i’s Shipwrecks Beach enough. Located on the South Shore, this beach is perfect for couples who want to experience the coastal beauty of this part of the island while also staying close to the other amenities on the island. Keep in mind that Shipwrecks Beach is one of Kaua’i’s most visited beaches, so you’ll want to plan your elopement at the most ideal time to avoid the crowds. 

How to Get There: 28 minute drive from Lihue

National Tropical Botanical Gardens

Bride and groom take wedding photos on the lawn after they elope in Hawaii
Bride sits on the lawn under a large tree while groom stands nearby during their Hawaii elopement

If you’re looking for more than beach views only for your Hawaii elopement, Kaua’i’s National Tropical Botanical Gardens has so much to offer! With gardens, rivers, forests, waterfalls, fields, ocean views, and more, this location is one of the most versatile on the island. Plus, the site fee supports the research and restoration of native plants in Hawaii meaning your elopement day will continue to give back long after your day has ended. 

How to Get There: 30 minute drive from Lihue

Best Places to Elope in Maui

If you want a mix of both Oahu and Kaua’i, then Maui is the perfect island to elope on. With a diverse range of landscapes and plenty of resorts and amenities, this island offers the best of both worlds for you to enjoy when you elope in Hawaii.

Haleakala National Park

Bride and groom hold hands as they walk down a rainforest trail during their elopement in Hawaii
Bride stands at a lookout over a valley after she elopes in Hawaii

Does eloping on a volcano sound right up your alley? If so, then you may want to consider planning a Haleakala National Park elopement. Not only is this park home to the world’s largest dormant volcano but it is also known for having some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I don’t know about you, but to that I say “sign me up!”. 

How to Get There: 1 hour drive from Kahului

ʻĪao Valley State Park

Bride and groom sit in a tropical rainforest after they elope in Hawaii
Bride and groom kiss in a rainforest during their Hawaii elopement
Bride and groom take photos in a rainforest after they elope in Hawaii

Located in Central Maui sits one of the island’s most well-known landmarks, the ʻĪao Needle. This green-covered erosional feature rises over 1,200 feet into the air and is surrounded by a lush, tropical rainforest. The park offers plenty of hiking and adventure opportunities, but keep in mind that visitors to ʻĪao Valley State Park must make a reservation up to 30 days in advance. 

How to Get There: 20 minute drive from Kahului

Road to Hana

Bride and groom stand in a lawn taking wedding photos during their elopement in Hawaii
Groom kisses bride on the cheek during their Hawaii elopement photos

While this last location isn’t a single location, it’s worth mentioning because you get so much more than one destination. Winding along the north edge of Maui from Kahului, is the Road to Hana. Driving along the road allows you to stop at scenic locations, beach towns and more. Imagine just taking a day or two to cruise along with your partner, stopping at scenic locations along the way. Sounds pretty magical, right? 

How to Get There: drive from Kahului for up to 3 hours

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There are so many incredible places to elope in Hawaii. The most difficult part of planning a wedding in Hawaii is choosing which island to visit. Luckily, island hopping is a fairly simple process, so if you find yourself struggling to narrow down a location, why not pick a few?

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