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Magical Redwoods Elopement

A couple kissing with California Redwoods around them.

When Girl in the Wild Photography asked me to second shoot Stephanie and Chris’ redwoods elopement, I knew I was in for a treat! Their day was absolutely incredible, showcasing some of the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Read on to learn more about their magical day and tips for eloping among these ancient trees!  

Stephanie and Chris’ Dreamy Day

Stephanie and Chris’ redwoods elopement was the sweetest! We first drove to a gorgeous location in the middle of the forest, with giant redwoods surrounding us. There, the couple shared handwritten vows with their three sons and a close friend in attendance. After a beautifully officiated ceremony by Lindsey from Girl in the Wild Photography, they signed their marriage license and roamed among the trees looking for beautiful light to take photos. It was seriously a dream! 

We then drove to the beach to pop champagne and have a picnic with the rugged Oregon Coastline as the backdrop. Finally, the family frolicked along the beach as the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.  

Tips for a Redwoods Elopement

Eloping in the redwoods is a dreamy, magical experience! To make sure you get everything you want out of your experience, check out these tips below.

Choosing the Right Location

When planning your redwoods elopement, location is probably the biggest thing you want to consider! Places like Muir Woods National Monument are close to big cities, but you’ll likely have to deal with crowds. On the flip side, remote destinations like the redwoods near Crescent City are harder to reach but offer a more secluded and intimate experience. Also, be sure to look into any permits or red tape before settling on a location.  

Seasons and Weather

The time of year you visit the redwoods will greatly affect your experience. It will likely be wetter and colder during late fall, winter, and early spring, perfect for a moody elopement without the summer crowds. With late spring and early summer comes the coastal fog, making for a mystical, enchanting time in the forest. Most tourists visit during the summer and early fall, as they bring warm sunny days.

Pro tip: plan your redwoods elopement between Labor Day and early October for beautiful weather without the crowds!

Plan a fun activity

One of the perks of an elopement is that you aren’t confined to a wedding venue the entire day. Plan a fun activity, whether it’s hiking through the forest, having a picnic by the beach, or even ziplining through the trees, you get to make the day completely yours!

I am so glad I got to help capture Stephanie and Chris’ redwoods elopement! Looking for more PNW elopement tips? Check out my guide on How to Elope in Oregon. Or if you want more elopement inspiration, check out my blog featuring a Dreamy Cannon Beach Elopement.

A trail marker in Northern California.
three children climbing on a Redwood tree.
a couple holding flowers in front of a fallen tree trunk.
a couple holding flowers in front of a fallen tree trunk for their Redwoods elopement.
a couple holding flowers in front of a fallen tree trunk for their Redwoods elopement.
The husband putting on her wife's ring in front of a redwood tree.
a couple kissing with a large redwood tree behind them.
two wedding rings on a redwood tree.
the wife signing her marriage papers.
a cowboy hat and a bouquet of flowers sitting on a fallen tree trunk.
the husband helping his wife onto a fallen redwood trunk.
The husband guiding his wife through the forest during their Redwoods Elopement.
The husband twirling his wife in the forest during their Redwoods Elopement.
the husband and wife kissing in the middle of a redwood forest.
the newlyweds walking through a redwood forest during their elopement.
the newlyweds holding each other in the sunlight as it peers through the redwood forest canopy.
the newlyweds kissing surrounded by redwood trees.
the newlyweds kissing surrounded by redwood trees.
The couple holding hands in the middle of the forest during the Redwoods Elopement.
The husband standing against a fence with redwood trees behind him.
the newlyweds showing off their boots standing on a fallen tree trunk.
The newlyweds kissing on a tree trunk.
the newlyweds walking on a fallen tree trunk during their redwoods elopement.
the newlyweds hugging each other in the middle of the forest.
the newlyweds kissing surrounded by redwood trees.
A close-up of the husband holding his new wife.
the husband and wife kissing.
the husband and wife holding each other in the middle of the forest.
the husband kissing his wife.
the husband kissing his wife with ferns in the background.
the husband holding his wife with the Oregon coast in the background.
The wife holding her husband with the Pacific Ocean in the background.
the newlyweds looking out over the Oregon coastline.
a close up of the husband and wife's hands, and their rings.
the husband and wife kissing on the beach while popping a bottle of champagne.
the husband twirling his wife as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean.
The husband holding his wife as a wave crashes into them.
The husband and wife kissing as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean.

Photos taken while second shooting for Girl in the Wild Photography.

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