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3 Reasons to Include Film Photography in Your Wedding or Elopement

Bride and bridesmaids hold wedding flower bouquets during their film wedding photography session

If you’ve been keeping up with trends in the wedding industry, you’ve probably started to hear more people talking about film wedding photography. But what’s so special about film and why should you consider adding it to your wedding or elopement? Keep reading because all that and more will be covered in today’s blog.  

What is Film Wedding Photography?

There are many forms of storytelling. Books, movies, poems, videos – they all tell a story. As a wedding and elopement photographer it’s probably not hard to guess that one of my favorite ways to tell stories is through photographs. There is something so heartfelt about seeing photos from the past and being reminded of moments or loved ones that hold a special place in our hearts. But nowadays, digital photos live in everyone’s pockets. In a world where anyone can snap a photo, there is something to be said about photos that are not so easy to come by. Enter – film photography. 

From its birth in the 1800s, film photography has evolved a lot over the years. What started out as a simple box camera has changed forms in both cameras and the types of film used. Cameras developed into more complex machines with multiple features. Even film itself has evolved from black and white to a wide range of colors and formats. Today, when we think of film, we likely think of a camera our parents or grandparents had from the 1970s or 1980s. These cameras were typically brought out at Christmastime or only used for special occasions.

For me, my journey with film photography started in high school. I signed up for a class to learn all about photography. In that class we learned not just how to take good photos, but we even learned how to develop our own photos by hand in a dark room. That experience kicked off my love for photography and, to this day, film still holds such a special place in my heart. 

3 Reasons to Consider Film Wedding Photography

Add a Vintage and Old School Vibe to Your Day

Film photos naturally have a certain grain or texture to them. This texture is part of what makes these photos so unique. Digital photography is often about getting the cleanest, crispest shot. With film photos though, there is a built-in character that is added to the images with no editing needed. This look brings a certain vintage feel to the photos that is so classic and nostalgic, adding an old school vibe to your wedding photos. 

Slow Down and Enjoy Intentional Moments 

Shooting film wedding photography is a more manual process. Instead of photographing dozens of photos per second, we are forced to slow down and capture each shot manually. I actually love this part of the process because when we slow down it allows us to be intentional about each moment. As the photographer, I take my time making sure all the settings are aligned and the camera is in focus. This in turn, allows you as the couple to slow down and be present while each photo is captured. 

Film Wedding Photgraphy is Unique 

When you take a film photo, you only get one shot of that moment. Because each photo is captured intentionally, there are no duplicate moments. Each photo is unique making each one even more special.

Film Photography Packages for Weddings and Elopements

This year I am so excited to start including film wedding photography as an add on to all of my services! When adding film to your special day, you will receive 2 rolls of film as well both digital scans and prints.

For more information about film wedding photography, send me a message through my contact page

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